Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Hanover County's Taxpayer Portal

Q: What functions are available?

A: You can schedule one or more e-check payments for the current date or any future dates. You can also sign up for electronic billing and email notifications. Real estate information will be available on-line in early 2019, (you may have to contact us to set this up if you register and do not see your real estate account). For dog owners, the new tax portal allows you to renew and pay for dog licenses online. For business owners, you are able to submit required filings and pay taxes online, including business license, business tangible property. Hotel and campground operators are able to submit and pay the transient occupancy tax, and rental companies are able to submit and pay rental taxes. For all businesses and taxpayers, you can see copies of any bill or form sent to you, and more!

Q: My account number is not being recognized to link my accounts. How can this be resolved?

A: Account numbers in the new tax system are eight digits long and begin with a "1".If you need your new account number please call us at 804-365-6050 or 804-365-6129, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Q: I do not know my account number. Is there another way to link my accounts?

A: If you own or owned a vehicle that was registered in Hanover County during the last two years, you can use the vehicle title number to create the link to your tax accounts. The vehicle title can be found on your vehicle registration or title document.

Creating an Account

Q: I am not receiving the confirmation email?

A: Email from the application could mistakenly be blocked by your service provider. Actions you can take to resolve this problem. 1. Add to your contacts list. Confirmation emails from will have a From header with the following email addresses: . You might consider adding this email addresses to your contacts list (address book) and/or asking your email provider to unblock or whitelist the email addresses. 2. Check your SPAM folder. Email from can get caught in SPAM filters. Check the SPAM folder in your email inbox to see if the confirmation email is there.

Q: How can I have the system resend the confirmation email?

A: To resend a confirmation try to log in to the system. You should immediately see a message telling you that a confirmation message has been sent and the email address that it was sent to. The confirmation email will originate from

Q: I am at the screen that says "Confirm Email Address", what do I do now?

A: Go to your email inbox and click on the link at the end of the message (where it says "Please confirm your account by clicking here"). When you do this, a new window or session will open with the message "Thank you for confirming your email. Click here to continue".

Access to Other Accounts

Q: Some accounts are not linked to my portal account, how can I get access to these accounts?

A: When you create a portal account and go through the link account process, the system is selecting all accounts that have your SSN or DL# automatically. If you do not see an account, it is most likely because your name is not associated with the account. If you need to have access to an account for someone else in your household, and your name is not on that account, the other household member has to first create a portal account, and then grant you access using the "Settings -- Manage Access" function in the menu bar at the top. Once they grant you access, their account will show up when you log-in.

Q: I know there is an account with my name that I should see. How do I request access?

A: Use the "Services" dropdown to request access to an account that you are sure should be linked to you because your name is or should be on the account. Please note that access to tax records is only given to the registered owners. If you need access to view or pay for someone else’s tax records you should contact the property owner and ask them to give you access to their online account. For more information, see FAQ Manage Access.

Finding the Amount of Property Taxes Paid

Q: I'm getting ready to file my income taxes, how do I find the amount of taxes I paid?

A: To find the amount of taxes paid, make sure you are on the Summary of Accounts page (click on "My Accounts" in the menu bar to return to this page). Select the "Services" drop down box and then select "View Payment History". This will show you the payment history by year by tax type for each of your linked accounts. To find the amount billed by year, select "View Tax History".

Manage Access - Grant & Revoke Account Access

Q: What is Grant Access?

A: Grant Access is an online feature for combining accounts and the sharing of tax records. Examples: A family can consolidate all of their individual member’s tax records under a single online account. A business can give their accountant access to their online account to manage the tax payments.

Q: How can I give someone else access to my tax records?

A: Use the Grant Access feature. To give someone else access to your online tax records, first create an online account for yourself, link your tax records to your online account, and then Grant Access to the other party using "Settings” “Manage Access" (settings is located near the top of the screen). The other party must also have an online account and have activated their online account by acknowledging the link in the confirmation email and have logged in to the account at least once. When access is granted, an email is sent to the grantee informing them that they have been given access and they can view the tax records when they next log in. The property owner can also revoke access by following the same process.

Electronic Billing

Q: How does electronic billing work?

A: When you view one of your accounts, you can now elect to receive future tax bills automatically. Use the manage notifications function to set this up. Once enabled, you will get an email when a new bill or updated bill is available. The email has a link to access the bill directly. From there, you can schedule a payment, or print the bill and mail along with your payment. The bill remains available online (rendered in the same version as if you had gotten a printed bill) so you can access the bill at any time. If you fail to access a new tax bill online at least 30 days before the due date, a bill will be sent by regular mail.

Q: If I enroll in electronic billing, can I change my mind and opt out?

A: Yes, just access the notifications function on the account and uncheck the electronic billing option.

Personal Property

Q: Can I file an Amended Business Return of Tangible Personal Property?

A: No, once your return is processed by our office you will not be able to make any changes to it through the portal. An amended return form, which is available on our webpage, must be filed with our office through email, postal mail, or in person.

Q: How will I know if my vehicle qualifies for the high mileage adjustment?

A: The 2019 High Mileage table along with filing instructions and requirements will be available in early January 2019.

Q: How do I find the detail for a tax bill?

A: If you have a balance due, you can create a statement. To do this, select "Get Current Statement" under "Services". This is done at the account level. If you want to see the detail for a tax year, click on "My Accounts" along the top navigation bar, then select "Services" and then "View Tax History". From there you can select the tax year for which you want to view detail.

How to Use the Taxpayer Portal to Obtain a Dog License

Q: I received a dog license application in the mail, how do I file my application online?

A: We recommend you register and create a tax portal account. Once you link your tax portal account to your dog license account you will see a link (called “License Renewal Expected”) which takes you through the process of filing for a license. You can also use the Quick Pay link which will allow you to pay the dog license fee online without creating an account. In either case, once the license fee is paid, your dog license will be sent to you by mail in just a few days.

Password Reset

Q: I clicked the link to reset my password and nothing happens. How do I reset my password?

A: The portal automatically removes accounts that are "inactive". So if you set up an account but never confirmed or linked your portal account to your tax account, the portal account will get automatically deleted. Many users that try to reset their password, in fact, have no account at all. If you get no response to the password reset, try to register again.